Steffen for Wisconsin
P.O. Box 11492  -  Green Bay, WI  -  54307

Re-elect David Steffen  2018
4th Assembly District

Thank you for visiting my campaign site. To reduce duplication of efforts, please visit my official legislative page which serves as my primary point of contact for my constituents on the web. While there, you can read my press releases, sign up for my weekly e-updates or read about what I accomplished in the last session and the things I plan to work on next session. ​​You can also follow my State Representative Facebook page.​​

I've dedicated a significant amount of time and effort this session to bringing attention to the outdated, inefficient and extremely costly Green Bay Correctional Institution (GBCI) and to developing a common-sense solution to this problem. The solution I've developed not only addresses the security, capacity and community concerns relating to the current facility but would also save the state an estimated $150 Million!

As a part of this ongoing effort, which directly impacts your community and your tax dollars, I want to make sure you are aware of every opportunity to get engaged. Do you support decommissioning and relocating GBCI to a more suitable location outside the Green Bay metro area? This initiative would:

  • Save the state an estimated $150 Million in operational and deferred maintenance costs at the 120-year old facility.

  • Provide an estimated $80 million in economic development opportunity through the redevelopment of the current site in a way that preserves the historical integrity of the facility while also unlocking the full potential of the 50-acre property.​

  • Provide a modernized facility which will include appropriate capacity space to reduce overcrowding and have capabilities to provide enhanced programming and recidivism reduction opportunities.

Voice your support for closing the Green Bay Correctional Institute!


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